Advice Expertise Management of wooded areas

CEGEB has been licensed Q.T.R.A since 2012

The forestry expert, the specialist of the tree and the forest:

Ensures the independent management of forest patrimonies
Conducts expert appraisals, audits and evaluations
Conducts studies on the forestry sector and policies
Is mandated in France and abroad
Guaranteed independence for perfect consumer protection
Professionalism guaranteed by training requirements
Liability covered by specific insurance


Our job is nature

Excerpt from the film directed by François Maillart "to each his own tree" Réal Productions-STM "Wéo" -Picatnonvo-Viavosges 2019


« We do not inherit the land of our ancestors, we borrow it from our children »
(Saint Exupéry)



We invite you to learn and familiarize yourself with the management of wooded areas.

You own woods, small or large, a park, you want to implement a different layout.

Do you have savings and do not know how to invest them? Did you know that taxation on timber and forestry revenues is particularly interesting?

Does your forest bring you little? Perhaps you are missing out on income that you could benefit from?

Would you like to know the value of your forest heritage?

You wish to develop or modify the layout of your park.



So many points on which we can help you and give you our advice !!!



CEGEB the generalist of your trees